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The Aquatics Certification Program is designed to test the knowledge of individuals working in the aquatics field within the amusement industry.

Certification is an outward demonstration of one’s knowledge of general activities and technologies that are an integral part of a daily amusement ride program and his or her participation in such activities and programs. Certification is useful for securing additional business opportunities and jurisdictional accreditation as well as for personal development.

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There is one level of Aquatics Certification:

  • Level I Certified Aquatics Technician

In order to achieve certification, an individual must provide verification of his or her experience and education and he or she must receive a passing score on the certification exam. The certifications are renewable. In order to maintain the certification, receipt of continuing education units (CEUs) and/or involvement in the amusement industry must be documented. Level I certification tests are offered in both English and Spanish.

The AIMS Aquatics Certification Program is the only internationally recognized program for verification of knowledge and participation in the field of amusement ride maintenance.