about AIMS

Decades of Experience in Amusement Industry Safety

In February 1994, AIMS International evolved from the American Recreational Equipment Association, founded as an organization “dedicated to continuing safety in the amusement industry.”

Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International, AIMS, is a non-profit international organization that represents amusement industry manufacturers, suppliers, organizations, and individuals that have a deep and abiding interest in supplying products or services to the Amusement Industry.

AIMS International’s purpose is to establish communications and foster working relationships using the highest degree of professionalism with other amusement industry trade associations as well as local, state, and federal government entities to promote and preserve the prosperity of the amusement industry.

American Recreational Equipment Association 1964-1965 Directors

American Recreational Equipment Association 1964-1965 Directors. From left to right: Watson Brey, Allan Herchell Co.; John C. Allen, Philadelphia Toboggan Company; Harold Chance, Chance Mfg.; Lee Sullivan, Eli Bridge Co.; Art Sellner, Sellner Mfg. Co. Inc.

This is accomplished by promoting safety in the amusement industry through the annual AIMS International Safety Seminar; speaking at industry functions; participating in the development of safety standards for the amusement industry; establish working relations with local, state, and federal government entities; establishing cooperative and working relations with other amusement industry trade associations, amusement park owners and operators, concessionaires, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, carnivals, fairs, water parks, family fun centers, adventure parks, and other segments of the amusement, entertainment, leisure, and recreation industry.

AIMS International, Ltd. continually serves the amusement industry by monitoring and working on issues that affect manufacturers and suppliers in the amusement industry. We monitor significant developments that affect our members such as: government regulations including ADA, EPA, OSHA, NEC, and CPSC as well as legislation including product liability reform and amusement ride design, manufacturing, and inspection laws. AIMS International participates and provides input to our members for the development of standards including ASTM-F24 and international amusement ride safety standards. The Association consists of qualified American and International entities that are actively engaged in the design, manufacture, production, sales, and service to the amusement, entertainment, leisure, and recreation industry.


AIMS International Code of Ethics

AIMS International Certificate Holders shall be cognizant of the following principles and the scope to which they apply, with the understanding that any unauthorized practice is subject to the Certification Committee's review and may result in suspension, reprimand, or revocation of certification.

Certification holders shall:

  • Certificate Holders shall regard the safety, health and welfare of the public as paramount in the performance of their professional duties.

  • Certificate Holders shall be honest and truthful in the performance of their professional duties. Certificate Holders shall perform services only in the areas of their competence.

  • Certificate Holders shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and shall provide opportunities for the professional and ethical development of those under their supervision.

  • Certificate Holders shall build their professional reputation on the merit of their services and shall not compete unfairly with others.

  • The Certificate Holders shall avoid a conflict of interest with the employer or client and shall disclose any business association or circumstance that might be so considered.

  • When Certificate Holders are required to issue public statements, these statements shall be made only in an objective and truthful manner with the authorization of his or her employer to support the integrity, honor and dignity of the amusement industry and all other Certificate Holders.

  • Certificate Holders shall act with complete integrity in professional matters and be forthright and candid to their employer, the regulator or employer's customer, and with the Certification Committee or its representatives on matters pertaining to this Code.

  • Any violation of any part of this standard of conduct prescribed by this Code of Ethics if related to a certificate holder's occupation, including any violation of the Code of Ethics contained in this standard, shall constitute an unauthorized practice subject to the imposition of sanctions.