The next AIMS Safety Seminar
will be held in Orlando, FL
January, 2018

Certification Testing Offered at That Time

Please note that testing will be held on Friday at 3:15-5:15 pm. ALL Classes run thru Friday at 5:15pm.  If you are not taking the certification test you MUST attend classes during that time In order to receive CEU's.

The annual AIMS International Safety Seminar is a comprehensive safety-training experience for individuals responsible for the care and safety of the amusement industry's guests. The seminar is world-renowned for its diverse curriculum and the quality of its volunteer instructors; classes are guided by today's top industry professionals.

Attendees build tailored course curricula that best suit their needs and the needs of their employers. Precious safety information is carried home and shared with colleagues and co-workers back on the job. Attendees also build long-lasting relationships with instructors and their counterparts across the globe. This invaluable networking opportunity enables the exchange of information between people performing the same functions at distant locations.

The AIMS Safety Seminar has both sit-down and hands-on classes that will surely round any individual's experience. This valued participation is a requisite for all professionals in the amusement industry.



Certified Maintenance Technician - Level I
Certified Maintenance Technician - Level II
Certified Operations Technician - Level I
Certified Operations Technician - Level II
Certified Aquatics Operations Technician - Level I
Associate Ride Inspector - Level I
Certified Ride Inspector - Level II
Professional Ride Inspector - Level III

Download the AIMS Certification Program Guide


Applicants must provide a copy of their high school diploma, college diploma or GED (General Equivalency Diploma), and a letter from their employer stating their job experience. Please see the AIMS Certification Program for more specific information regarding requirements.

- a minimum one year of employment for Level I
- a minimum three years of employment for Level II
- a minimum 10 years of employment for Level III

Level II applicants are required to submit a copy of their current Level I certificate or card. If the Level I certification has expired, it will be required to re-instate their certification prior to testing. 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU) are required for each two year certification period. To be eligible to test for a Level II certification, an applicant must have a current Level I certification of the same type.

When applying for or renewing a certification, please send all applications, documentation and payment to one the following addresses:

Mail: AIMS International Ltd.
P.O. Box 92366
Nashville, TN 37209
Fax: 714-276-9666




Registration Fee Includes:

  • Seminar Tuition
  • Class Materials
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Greenville Technical Institute
  • Seminar Completion Certificates
  • Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack provided by AIMS for all attendees

Standard Registration Fee: $595

Late Registration Fee: $695

Additional Fees:

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) $199 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
Certified Pool Operator (CPO) $225 for Non-Seminar Attendees
Waterpark Certificate $45 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
Leadership Level I Certificate $45 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
Carnival Certificate $45 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
ASTM F770 Certificate $45 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
OSHA $80 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
OSHA $160 for Non-Seminar Attendees
Security, Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) - 4 Hour $200 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
Security, Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) - 4 Hour $250 for Non-Seminar Attendees
Security, Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) - 8 Hour $375 for AIMS Seminar Attendees
Security, Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) - 8 Hour $450 for Non-Seminar Attendees

Certification Application Fees:

Maintenance, Operations, & Aquatics Certifications - $55 for Level I and II, $100 for Level III
Inspector Certifications - $75 for Level I, $125 for Level II, $175 for Level III


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