The AIMS International Board of Directors has awarded a scholarship to the 2017 AIMS Safety Seminar in memory of Mark Moore who lost his life in a motorcycle accident this past summer.

As President and Founder of Uremet Corporation, Mark had tremendous impact on AIMS International and industry safety. He tirelessly supported AIMS’ mission to improve amusement industry safety through leadership in education. He wholeheartedly contributed his service to AIMS beginning in the early 2000’s, served on the board of directors for more than a decade, served as President of AIMS International from 2009 to 2011, and was AIMS’ Executive Director until 2014. Mark was also a long time active member of ASTM F24 as well as other industry organizations including IAAPA, NAARSO, and BALPPA. He served on the National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives board of directors.

The scholarship will be awarded to an individual who works as a craftsperson in the amusement industry. Because of Mark’s creativity and passion for craftsmanship, we encourage applications from all types of individuals who contribute to the amusement industry and share a concern for safety in the design and implementation of attractions and experiences for guests.

Download the Mark Moore Craftsperson Scholarship Application here.

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