The AIMS Trade Association evolved from the American Recreational Equipment Association in February 1994.

AIMS International, Ltd. is “Dedicated to Continuing Safety in the Amusement Industry” as were our predecessors.

The Associations purpose is to establish communications and foster working relations using the highest degree of professionalism with other Amusement Industry Trade Associations, Local, State, and Federal Government entities in order to promote and preserve the prosperity of the Amusement Industry.

We will forever be indebted to the dedication and the accomplishments given to our industry by A.R.E.A. -- which is represented in this image of the 1964-1965 directors. From left to right: Watson Brey, Allan Herchell Co.; John C. Allen, Philadelphia Toboggan Company; Harold Chance, Chance Mfg. Co., Inc.; Lee Sullivan, Eli Bridge Co.; and Art Sellner, Sellner Mfg. Co. Inc.

This is accomplished by promoting safety in the Amusement Industry through the Associations, Annual Safety Seminar, Speaking at Industry Functions, Participating in the Development of Safety Standards for the Amusement Industry, Establish Working Relations with Local, State, and Federal Government Entities, Establish Cooperative and Working Relations with other Amusement Industry Trade Associations, Amusement Park Owners and Operators, Concessionaires, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Carnivals, Fairs, Water parks, Family Fun Centers, and other segments of the Amusement, Entertainment, Leisure, and Recreation Industry.

AIMS International, Ltd., provides a Scholarship Fund to assist in funding industry personnel whom otherwise could not participate and attend the associations Annual Safety Seminar. This Annual Safety Seminar is conducted by association members to promote safety through classroom instruction and hands on training. The Association also provides Certification Testing for Amusement Industry personnel as another means of establishing and promoting safety standards in the Amusement Industry.

AIMS International, Ltd., consists of manufacturers, suppliers, organizations, and individuals that have a deep and abiding interest in supplying products or services to the Amusement Industry.

The Association is managed by an executive board and staff that are responsible for promoting the welfare of the membership as well as maintaining all Association Records. The Association is headed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Board consisting of five members, including the President, 1st. Vice President, 2nd. Vice President, 3rd. Vice President, Treasurer and Past President.

AIMS International, Ltd. continually serves the Amusement Industry by monitoring and working on issues that affect manufacturers and suppliers in the amusement industry. We monitor significant developments that affect our members such as: government regulations including ADA, EPA, OSHA, NEC, and CPSC as well as legislation including product liability reform and amusement ride design, manufacturing, and inspection laws. AIMS International participates and provides input to our members for the development of standards including ASTM-F24 and international amusement ride safety standards.

AIMS International, Ltd., annually represents its members at Amusement Industry Trade Shows in order to provide additional exposure of products and services that are provided by our membership.

The Association consists of qualified American and International Entities that are actively engaged in the design, manufacture, production, sales, and service to the Amusement, Entertainment, Leisure, and Recreation Industry.

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